The stuff that dreams are made of

We believe in the creation of an ecosystem where creativity and talent align to make way for the production of outstanding films with a global reach, strong investor returns and a fluid and inspiring filmmaking experience for all those involved. Within such an environment collaboration and removing ego from the equation are key.



Somewhere between the resturant scene in WHEN HARRY MET SALLY and the love Salvatore has for films in CINEMA PARADISO.


Working with utmost efficiency to the highest standard and always seeking to deliver excellence.


We go all the way to "up to eleven" !


"Nobody's perfect," and thus the best way to think outside-of-the-box and to achieve the best results is to expand our minds through furthering diversity - whether within the Align team, on the films we board, in the industry as a whole or in the stories we portray onscreen.


We are part of a larger society and we have a responsibility that goes beyond our walls and world. Align will commit part of its film profits to causes it believes progress humanity to reduce inequalities.